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Guy Boyd

1923 - 1988


Guy Boyd hails from the illustrious artistic Boyd dynasty. He grew up with his extended family in the idyllic environs of Murrumbeena, Victoria which served as a large, rambling studio/house where creativity was encouraged and nurtured. His penchant for sculpture became apparent during this period and at the age of twelve he made a conscious decision to become a sculptor. After experimenting with many other pursuits, most notably pottery, his ambition was realised in 1964 when he devoted himself to full time sculpting.

The major themes that run through the work of Guy Boyd include symbolism, myth, lovers and women. His ability to capture the fluidity and sensuality of the human form is extraordinary. His appreciation for the female form is widely known with the execution of many beautiful works a testament to this inspirational muse.


National Gallery of Australia; Art Gallery of New South Wales; National Gallery of Victoria; Queensland Art Gallery

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