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Otto Pareroultja

1914 - 1973


Otto was born on the 24th of March 1914. After attending mission school he worked as a stockman, carpenter, shearer and gardener. He later served on the Native Council at Hermannsburg.
Otto started painting in 1940. Over the next few years he painted intermittently, working between a conservative and totemic approach to the landscape. It was not until the mid 1940s that Otto found the confidence to paint freely in his own vision. Encouraged by Edwins success and told by Rex Battarbee to paint the landscape as he saw it, he made tremendous progress, selling all 48 paintings in his first solo exhibition in 1947.
Otto's paintings portray the creation myths (dreamtime stories) of the Western Arrernte People. Mythological plays depicting the creation ancestors. A pictorial account of how the world was created. Ancient mountains and trees bend and jut in an orgy of colour, rhythm and movement. His palette was unique, firstly favouring rich earthy tones and later using bright expressive colours. Unaffected by almost any knowledge of western art, Otto was free to create Mythological Surrealism.
Language Group: Western Arrernte
Skin: Kngwarreye

Otto Pareroultja art

Signed "Otto Pareroultja" lower centre

Artwork Title:
Central Australian Landscape
45.5cm x 55cm

Signed "Otto Pareroultja" lower centre

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