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Martine Emdur

Born 1967


Sensuous and hypnotic, Martine Emdur’s grand-scaled compositions offer an extraordinary visual experience.  Shimmering surfaces evoke unbounded, oceanic realms where everyday concerns are dissolved in a haze of liquid luminosity.  Her interest in Taoist philosophy - which describes “reality” in terms of ever-fluctuating, ceaseless change - suggests that Martine’s ongoing fascination with the sea, might be about more than the skilful rendering of atmosphere.

The works portray both above and underwater perspectives. Patterns of reflected and filtered light appear to undulate, shifting constantly over the picture planes. For the viewer, the effect is that of looking into a giant aquarium. Seduced by the wondrous sense of freedom, we briefly forget the difference between the observer and the observed.  The very size of the paintings facilitates a desire to participate in the bathers’ delight, as they languidly swim, tread-water or just float - content to drift and be gently buffeted by the sea’s warm currents. 

Martine  Emdur art


Artwork Title:
Oil on board
45cm x 45cm


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